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Gay-Yvette Spencer(non-registered)
Airbnb first recommended Michelle C. Torres-Grant to photograph The Turtle House in San Luis Obispo, CA for their website. After seeing her amazing photos I realized I needed to also hire her to photograph my vacation rental so I could use them on my own website & other advertisements.
They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and those amazing photos have been priceless. I get positive commends all the time about how great the photos Michelle took of the house.
I can't imagine using anyone else!
Susan Clark(non-registered)
The art of photography is alive and well with Michelle Torres Grant! From composition to lighting, your photography is truly beautiful. Thoughtful. Inspirational. Detailed. Capturing a moment in time. Your compositions seem to come naturally for you, whether it's an exceptional landscape or a honey bee posing on a Russian sage! It's a pleasure looking at your works of art. It's a pleasure getting to know you. Style and grace are the two words that best capture you and your work.
Julie Ash(non-registered)
Hello Michelle!
Wow! From planes to buildings and such beautiful color! I absolutely love your angled approach with several of your photographs. Just as nice are your close up flower pics. Inspired by your garden club ehh? I've always had an interest of learning photography for doorway and window appreciation. I think that would be fun to learn. wow ! You really have given these a lot of thought. I like your styles! (Julie from 99s ..a bit way back). Hope you are doing well!
Fabulous website. Incredible photography!
Gorgeous photography - architecturals are dramatic without being too over the top; landscapes are simple but eloquent; food shots make me want to reach in and have a bite!
Wow! Michelle, there are some incredible photos in your collection. Nice work!!!!
Farid Shahid(non-registered)
Beautiful work! Your photos inspire me every time I see them and make me appreciate life on the Central Coast. Thanks Michelle!
Beautiful photos!
Miriam Prell(non-registered)
I appreciate the composition, attention to detail and naturalness of each photograph. As a result, your work seems to capture the essence of the subject matter. Since my goal is to add such attributes to my website so it looks more personal while remaining professional, I am interested in your photography services.

It seems like lots of photos these days are overproduced and rather generic. I believe you may be able to communicate that personal touch--the connection to those who visit my site--that my company needs online. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss possibilities.

P.S. It seems like lots of photos these days are overproduced and rather generic. Your samples herein are a breath of fresh air!
Lee Anna O'Daniel(non-registered)
Gee, I get to be the first to congratulate you on a nice collection of your photographs! You are obviously very versatile.
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