Michelle C. Torres-Grant Photography | Cerro San Luis Views
6 photos

This series of images was taken in October 2011 from the top of Cerro San Luis, a.k.a. "Madonna Mountain," in San Luis Obispo. I was hiking and enjoying the last bit of sunshine as the first rain storm of the wet season was beginning to roll in from the north, which made for a dramatic scene of ever-changing light and clouds. The views are of "The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo," a.k.a. "The Morros," an chain of mountains of volcanic origin. They are considered an icon of San Luis Obispo city and county. These images are available in many formats directly from this web site. These images are very finely detailed, and in larger, high resolution formats what one can see is amazing (you can even see the Morro Bay Sand Spit in most of them). Also available are low resolution digital downloads for personal use (affordable art!), which are suitable to use as desktops or screensaver for computers and mobile devices as well as on personal web sites and social networking sites.
View from Cerro San Luis in Autumn 1View from Cerro San Luis in Autumn 2View from Cerro San Luis in Autumn 2-BWView from Cerro San Luis in Autumn 3View from Cerro San Luis in Autumn 4Bishop Peak Viewed from Cerro San Luis